The Orana Weddings

The expertise that you seek & Legacy that is called for!




Wedding Prowess

Weddings at Orana are the magnificence one should never miss, you deserve the best on one of the most important days of your life and we understand that. Weddings at Orana are treated with the intricacy of the best because you deserve perfection itself.

Culinary Regale

A perfect wedding is the one that has everything awesome. Our world-class caterers believe this and instill the most exquisite taste in the food line. Your guests will be awestruck through the taste buds, we can assure that.


Our history resembles our taste. With years of experience in making perfect out of the best, our legacy dates to efficiency. Years long quotient of doing what needs to be done is the terminology at Orana.

Empanelled Expertise

With the finest expertise, our panel of excellent photographers, videographers, make-up artists and other necessary assistance- we deliver ace. The best in field are acquired by our management and that is how we spend assurance.