The Orana Property


The Overview

Orana brings creativity, customisation and logistical expertise to deliver extraordinary experiences and tremendous value to our clients. From communications and technical support, to staging, catering and every intricate service detailing, we partner with you on every aspect of your event, tailoring your unique program so it feels like the convention centre was designed around your meeting. And the experience for your attendees will be nothing short of extraordinary and impeccable. It is our utmost priority to make our event not only successful but indelible in sorts. Orana Conventions, Gurgaon offers nearly 1,50,000 sqft of multi-functional space, with a combination of outdoor & indoor venues.

40,000 Sqft Grand Ballroom (Divisible Into Three Sections)

Additional 9,000 Sqft Pre-function Area

25,000 Sqft Lawn For Outdoor Function Space

2 Meeting Rooms And 2 Stately Boardrooms

427 Capacity Auditorium Style Seating Space

Ample Parking Space

The éclat fáilte

We at Orana believe in providing a full fledged succour to all our customers and partners. We not only provide an overhaul of expectations but we also indulge and cater to rivetting events. At Orana you shall surface with opulence, grandeur at its most prominence and an efficiency scale of maximisation. With organised staff and maintenance.


“No event shall weave in a space of any less attention or dedication to perfection.” Our motto to provide the very best ambience and to cater to your luxe outlook is reflected in our very own Ball room. A space of large capacity and neutral shades would match with your themes of aspirations and joys. A constant crew of help appointed in all specks of the room, we provide you with contemporary interiors and upholstery to upheave the game of the best part of the event.


A luxuriously ordained comfortable auditorium to badge success to all your events and outreach! Our 427 capacity theatre style seating space is wrapped in the most comfortable fabric and comfort posture for your most esteemed guests. We provide a constant support crew for your on spot requirements to keep the stubble of attentiveness and a perfect castability of the event.


An assemblage of any sort is a presentation of kind. Our exhibit alley is the perfect patch up of extensive space and winsome simple state of the art décor, just perfect for your exhibits of a masterpiece. Rummaging through perfect alignments and exact spacing of presentables along with a definition of class and vitality is what we have in design for you and your precious.


There can only be as much of indoors on a beautiful day and in an unwinding night! We have just the quintessential arrangement you have been seeding about. With necessitating arrangements and customizations according to your taste and indulgence. Adornments of designer impeccability and alluring ambience, our outdoor setting is sure to mark an onset of aspirational success!